About Us

Dun-rite Machining was founded in 1995 by two machinists whose goal was to start a small machine shop that would be built on pride and craftsmanship. Our main focus is producing high quality parts at a fair price, parts not only manufactured to customer specifications, but of the highest standard in appearance and quality. This standard has become our trademark. In doing so we needed a name that would stand out from others to let potential customers know what they could expect and appreciate: “WORK THAT IS “DUN-RITE”.

Producing quality parts to the customer’s specification has always been top priority with us. We want our customers to be totally satisfied with our products, and it all starts with our high quality staff.  We built our company on producing precision prototypes and detailed parts as well as tooling and fixturing. Due to demands, we’ve steadily advanced with new CNC

machining centers, grinder’s, and technology. We’ve become a shop specializing in small production runs as our main niche. That’s where we have the advantage over most shops: We are a precision shop running small production jobs – not a production shop trying to make precision parts.

Staff Members

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