Daewoo Puma 350 CNC 

15 In. chuck, 23 In. swing, Live center
daewoo puma 350

Reed-Prentice 17″ X 56″


Daewoo Lynx 210LC CNC

8 In. chuck, 11 In. swing

Dar-Sin 13″ X 40″

w/ Mitutoyo DRO


Precision Grinding





both hold 25 tools with a max spindle speed of 8,000

(VF-2 = 20″ X 30″ X 25″)

(VF-3 =26″ X 40″ X 25″)


Okuma Cadet-Mate 3-Axis

Holds 20 tools with a reach of 20″ X 40″ X 20″

Ninja forms !

Choose from three max resolutions –  1140 px, 1260 px and 1400 px.


Support for the best shop plugin – WooCommerce!

WooCommerce Product Archive Customizer Plugin – Allows you to customize WooCommerce product archives. Change the number of product columns and the number of products displayed per page. Toggle the display of core elements and enable some that are not included in WooCommerce core such as stock levels and product categories.



Responsive layout (320px to 1400px)

Retina ready
We avoid using images in the design – instead, we use vector icons which look perfectly sharp on high resolution screens. We’ve also made sure that any images uploaded by you (featured images, etc.) have twice the width of the available space

Option to disable the background images on mobile devices

Change global display settings or breakpoints for devices

Option to enable search and top bar

Responsive Sliders

The columns of portfolio,blog and featured slider layout respond to resolution. 4 column layout will go down to 2 in mobile resolutions

Change display settings on mobile devices

All Beaver Builder layouts are responsive, meaning they automatically adjust for various screen sizes.

If you want further control, you can customize the responsive settings, both for individual elements and sitewide.

Change responsive settings for individual elements

You can choose large, medium, or small devices or some combination. Large Devices Only means the element will only be visible on desktop computers or TVs with a browser. Small Devices Only means the element will only be visible on most phones. Medium Devices are for devices like small tablets.

Hardware-acceleration on sliders and all javascript

Dedicated mobile design, looks perfect on your IOS or Android device

Touch Enabled Sliders with swiping

Our Equipment and Capabilities


  • Haas VF-2        20” x 30” x 25”
  • Haas VF-3        26″ x 40” x  25”
  • Haas programmable Rotary table
  • Brown & Sharp Micro Val  CMM
  • Daewoo Lynx 210LC CNC Lathe with 8″ chuck (11″ swing)
  • Daewoo Puma 350 CNC Lathe with15″ chuck (23″ swing) with center
  • Fadal VMC3016 3-Axis with 21 Tool Changer
  • Fadal VMC15 3-Axis with 21 Tool Changer
  • Femtec FV40 3-Axis CNC Mill (23″ x 42″ Table and 15 HP Motor) with 24 Tool Changer
  • Okuma Cadete-Mate 3-Axis CNC Mill (20″ x 36″ Table and 10 HP Motor) with 20 Tool Changer
  • Dar-Sin Lathe 13″ x 40″ with Mitutoyo D.R.O.
  • Reed-Prentice 17″ x 56″ Lathe
  • Reid Surface Grinder 6″ x 18″
  • Hyd Mech S-20 II  Horizontal Cut-Off Saw
  • T-Jaw 500 Vertical Band Saw
  • 3′ x 4′ Starrett Grade a Surface Plate
  • 24″ Tesa (Brown & Sharp) Micro-Height Gage